Thursday, October 18, 2018

Demolition update 10.18.2018

Demolition continues!  Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding while this project progresses.

The vacant building being demolished was actually three buildings.  The wing that collapsed was the original part of the building.  An L-shaped wing was added later, which created the courtyard that faced W. 53rd St.  The clock tower was added later and was the connector between the factory and the offices. 

The contractor reports that demolition of the tower will start this week or next.  You might have noticed they have moved a crane on to the property for that work.  There are rumours that a water tank might exist in that tower and that a fully furnished executive office is present.  We will just have to wait and see.

There was a safe in the building.  The safe had fallen from an upper floor and was cradled between two wood beams on the first floor.  Our agreement with the demolition contractor gave Menlo the right of first refusal on anything that might be in the safe.  Turns out that there is nothing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Demolition Update - 10.10.2018

Demolition of the vacant building on our campus is underway. Our contractors were able to take down the unstable wall near the bridge, which was their first priority. As previously mentioned, the demolition contractor and school administration are working together to make sure that things are done safely and with consideration for our community. Items such as dust control (i.e. water spray) during active demolition, coordinating recess.timing with construction worker lunch breaks, and ensuring all appropriate environmental verifications were taken prior to commencing the work.

A storage container (a recycled shipping container) will be placed in the corner of the property and used for storage of salvaged materials.  As part of getting permission to demolish the building from various Federal, State and local agencies, we have committed to preserving certain historic elements.  This includes lettering on the side of the building facing the railroad track, bricks, sandstone and some wood beams.  These items along with some materials salvaged during the renovation of the warehouse building will be stored in this container until the final plan for the entire campus is developed.

Thanks again for your ongoing cooperation during this time.