Monday, January 23, 2017

Update on MPA's New Home

Construction on our new building is moving at what seems like a break-neck pace. Many hardworking construction workers and contractors are actively working through the colder weather conditions to stay on the timeline. We estimate that the project is now 10% complete! Now that the major demolition and some of the larger tasks are out of the way, watch for that percentage complete to increase exponentially quicker.
Here are some highlights of the recent work:
  • Soon, we will have completed floors throughout the building! The old buckled wooden flooring system was removed from the first and fourth floors. The demolition contractor is quickly making his way to floors two and three. 
  • The roofing contractor is installing the new roof during the dry periods of this winter.
  • Masonry restoration is ongoing on the south side of the building. The old paint has been stripped throughout the building. Walls and ceilings are being primed to protect the until final painting later in the spring.  
  • Impressively, the original boiler from 1921 has been dismantled and removed. The boiler was nearly 30 feet high and included an abundance of pipes and bricks. It has been cut apart and removed making way for what will be our new gym space.  
Some other fun activities are ongoing:
  • Finalizing the design plans and materials
  • Creating the FF&E (furniture, fixture, and equipment) plans
Just as the building is being primed, MPA faculty are engaged in actively planning for our new learning environment as well. Last week, Christian Long (who spoke at the winter concert) spent a full day at MPA working with teachers and administrators on defining and creating learning spaces that represent the needs of our students and curriculum model. The time was very rich in planning and exploration, and will continue to build with sessions throughout the spring and early summer.