Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Building Update - Week of April 17th

Drywall continues to go up throughout the building. Concrete patching throughout.
The lower level floor is being prepped , and when it is poured all of the new floors will be complete. 
Preparation on the roof and the west side of the building for the big crane on the west side of the building to lift HVAC  equipment and transformers onto the roof.Excavation for waterproofing on the south side of the building. 
Window installation continues 

Lower level floor is being prepped for pouring. When complete all floors will be installed.

Drywall installation

New staircase



Elevator shaft

HVAC ducts

Ready for drywall

Vapor barrier system installed and floor prep continues

Top of the elevator shaft


New Window installation proceeds on south side, on the 4th and 3rd floors

Excavation on south side of building for waterproofing


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